Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canadian Creatives?

Canadian Creatives connects the Creative Community with the jobs they love. Used by talented candidates, and Canada's top companies, we aim to provide the perfect blend of talent and opportunity. At Canadian Creatives we believe looking for work shouldn't feel like work.

Are you a Canadian company?

Yes, we are a Canadian company located in Toronto.

How do we contact Canadian Creatives?

To contact us please email We answer all emails during weekly business hours.

For employers

How do I post a job?

It's easy and fast! Start here.

Why choose Canadian Creatives?

  • We aggregate and show all creative jobs in Canada.
  • We post hundreds of new jobs daily.
  • Your job post will be featured on top of the index page and relevant search pages.
  • Target an audience of qualified professionals.

How much does it cost to post a position?

It costs $99 to reach talented candidates and qualified professionals on Canadian Creatives.

Why is it so affordable to post a job on Canadian Creatives?

We pride ourselves for running a professional and affordable service for companies of all sizes.

How long does it take for a posting to be active on your site?

Your posting will become active right away.

How can I pay for my job listing?

We accept credit card or PayPal payments. We use the secure PayPal system for all payment processing.

How long will the position be active?

A position is active for 30 calendar days from the time it is posted.

Can I take down a posting before the end date of 30 days?

Absolutely. Just send us an email

Job Seekers

How do I find a job on Canadian Creatives?

You can search for jobs based on job title and location. Browse through the jobs and simply click on any job title to view the full job posting.

How do I apply to a job on Canadian Creatives?

Click on the job title to view the entire job post and follow the application instructions provided by the employer.

Can I submit my resume to Canadian Creatives for employers to view?

Please, do not submit your resume to Canadian Creatives. To apply for a position follow the instructions provided by the employer.